Exhibiting at the National Home Show 2014

Squeaky Floor Repair

Yesterday was the last day of the 10 day National Home Show extravaganza. For us, this is a very important part of kicking off the season. This is a great time for Silent Floor Solutions to spread the word directly to the end-client, as well as numerous industry experts, media and of course neighbouring exhibitors!

Needless to say, this is the time for a great first impression. We have two very important messages to deliver:

“Yes we CAN fix your squeaky floor and Yes you CAN trust us!”

Squeaky Floor Repair Toronto

In order to convey our message, we needed to put together a sales team of a special breed. First thing on their agenda, honesty! We always need to be sure that our clients know exactly what they should expect from us, throughout our work with them, without any surprises. This is why it is so important to us that our team doesn’t exaggerate or paint an overly rosy picture (we try to paint a hopeful picture instead :)).

Our team is there to help our potential clients understand how we will repair their noisy floor, by explaining our process and how we can help their particular scenario. Once a potential client expresses interest in working with us, our staff schedules an in—home assessment. We don’t push and we don’t over promise. Our team is there to educate our booth visitors and offer our service to those who need it. On this note, on behalf of Lev and myself, I would like to publicly thank our incredible team!

Squeaky Floor Repair

Our team has done a tremendous job at this year’s show. All together we have given away almost two thousand flyers, spoke with thousands of curious (and understandably excited) visitors, written hundreds of personalized flyers and signed up an untold number of assessments!

They did this with a smile on their faces, positive energy and pride. So in no particular order, we thank Anastasia, Victor, Tali, Yulia, Anna, Vlad!

We also want to say a special thanks to Irene, for coordinating and processing all of our assessment scheduling from the office! Here’s to a successful show, and to many more like it! Thanks to our dear team.

Written by Mark Remennik Co-Founder, Silent Floor Solutionswww.SilentFloor.ca