Ho Ho Ho-liday Surprise!

???????????????????The jingle of the sleigh bells is just around the corner! Very soon your house will be visited by a very important and much awaited guest, and your house must be ready to receive him! No doubt you’ve lit up your front yard with festive lights, cleaned the house (not forgetting the chimney), and beautifully decorated the tree. It’s even more certain that you hung up plenty of stockings around the fireplace, and left milk and freshly baked cookies for that special guest. Everything is ready and set. But wait!  Santa wants to surprise your kids and sneak those precious presents without being seen and heard. A very challenging task if you have squeaky floors! Avoid the embarrassment of your kid catching Santa by the beard, and find a solution for your squeaky floors in advance! You might say: “But it’s already December! I don’t have time for renovation. I’ve got so much cleaning and preparation to do.”

You are right, but why do you need renovation to remove just a few squeaks? Did you know that in most cases squeaky floors can be silenced within only 1 day? Even better, it can be done without any floor replacement! Since there is no floor replacement, you don’t even have to move much furniture around or worry about creating a mess in your decorated house.


There is a solution to squeaky floors, and you can definitely fit a floor repair right into your busy holiday schedule, just in time for Santa’s arrival. This unique squeaky floor solution leaves the house with harmony and silence, just as Santa leaves the house full with presents and joy. The only difference is that Santa also leaves behind an empty glass and cookie tray, while this floor repair leaves behind no signs (and no sounds) at all. The added bonus is that while you are preparing a silent floor for Santa, you are sure to enjoy the quietness for long after Santa’s visit. To know more about this unique solution, visit our Silent Floor Solutions company website: http://www.SilentFloor.ca We wish you Happy Holidays and a quiet Christmas night!