Since launching our innovative business in 2009, we’ve built a solid reputation for high quality professional service. We’re not the only ones who think so, check out our features in the media and read our customer reviews below.
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Jan M.

“We just wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with our floors now!

We had so many squeaks over very large areas of our hardwood floors, that it drove us crazy and Dan wanted to move, rather than renovate our entire floors. We had no idea that we could get it fixed or that there was even technology out there to do so (and that it would actually work). We’re so glad we saw your booth at the Home Show!

I actually get a better night’s sleep now, as I’m no longer awakened by Dan getting up in the night and stepping onto many of those squeaky spots throughout our main level; they’re all GONE!

Leon and the team are just great; personable and professional. We were happy that Leon contacted us and promptly booked a follow-up appointment to touch-up some areas – great service!

I recommend Silent Floor Solutions to everyone I know (I’m putting SFS’s website all over my social media networks!) and love the fact that it’s a Canadian company.

We wish you all the best in your business with this fabulous solution you’ve developed.”

Hardwood | 129 sq ft | Richmond Hill, ON

Nina I.

“Every room on both floors of our 3 three-bedroom town house used to have squeaky floors and stairs, since we moved in a few years ago…We had been looking for a solution and asked different contractors about fixing the noise. The only way was through major renovation work, replacing the parquet flooring.

Unfortunately we couldn’t afford such a large project. And also we felt sick just thinking about the mess that would be created by this renovation: dirt, dust, moving furniture!

Recently we got referred to “Silent Floor Solutions”. Our problem was solved in a short time for a very reasonable price and most importantly we did not have to go through a painful renovation process! Thank you for bringing quiet to our home.”

Parquet | 140 sq ft + 3 steps | Richmond Hill, ON


“I HAD very squeaky stairs leading up to my upstairs duplex apartment. I loved the apartment, but the squeaks were so loud, I had to creep up them so the downstairs apartment dwellers would not be bothered. Everyone told me there was a solution but it was costly and time consuming, or “just forget it”. I could not forget it and while searching on the internet I came upon Silent Floor Solutions and Leo.

He came over, took a long time checking it out and said he could do it at a reasonable cost and that his method was not time consuming and involved a hi-tech method of securing the stairs to the lower boards. Two weeks later he came and his men worked diligently all day. They were polite, efficient and knew what they were doing, leaving the stairs cleaner than before and squeak free at last. I would highly recommend him to others who have suffered the squeaks too long.”

Stairs | 14 steps | Toronto, ON

David B.

“Dear Silent Floor Solutions,

I’m writing to thank you for the recent work correcting the creaking in my floors and wall.

You initially investigated my creaking floors, and we set a date for the work to be done… You came to the conclusion that there could be a structural problem inside the wall, not simply a gap between sub-floor and joists (the usual culprit).

Rather than abandon the project, you brought a renovation contractor to my house… He discovered that the builders had screwed the metel studs to the bottom metal plate only on one side… [he then secured the moving parts]. Noise gone!

Even though this correction did not use the technique normally used by Silent Floor Solutions, I’m impressed with the resourcefulness and commitment you showed to get my problem solved. I would definitely recommend your company. You’re experienced enough to realize that every case has its unique aspects, and honest enough to seek the right solution rather than the easy route.”

Carpet | 38 sq ft | Richmond Hill, ON

George S.

“Thank you to you and your team for a job well done. Prior to you performing your floor silencing technique, our baby would constantly wake up when we walked past his room due to our squeaky floors. Since you finished your treatment, we no longer have to tippie toe throughout the house as the squeaks are gone. “

Hardwood | 105 sq ft | Toronto, ON

Illia P.

“We own a bungalow with hardwood flooring. We use to have a few really squeaky floor spots, which were waking up our baby-daughter every time we walked on them. We found out that the only solution for us was remaking (replacing) the entire hardwood flooring. We didn’t want to do that because of the mess it would create for the house and our life. We were not ready for this renovation because it would affect the health of our child due to the smell of varnish, dust, etc…

We couldn’t believe our ears when we found out there was a simpler and cheaper way to “silence” our floors. Silent Floor Solutions gave a reasonable estimate. We decided to hire them.

They solved our problem without creating any mess. The floor is silent and we are still amazed by that.”

Hardwood| 35 sq ft | Thornhill, ON


“I am a nurse, working night shifts. Quite often I sleep during the day. I used to be awoken every time, by family members stepping on the squeaky patches beside the bedroom.

Our friends recommended “Silent Floor Solutions”.

They fixed the squeaky floors quickly and it was impossible to find any traces of what was done. A nice and clean job! Now I can sleep without any disturbance and my family can feel more relaxed walking around while I am asleep.”

Parquet | 100 sq ft | North York, ON