We will silence your squeaky floors and stairs, whatever it takes!

We are the floor silencing EXPERTS. We’ve been locating, diagnosing and repairing squeaks in homes across the GTA since 2009. Our proprietary process works on most types of flooring and stairs.

Squeaky floors are loud symptoms of structural wear and defects. Most squeaks originate from loose joists and sub-floors, moving elements within ceilings and walls and worn hardwood boards. By treating the internal layers of your wood flooring from which the squeaks originate, we secure and stabilize the structure of your home, eliminating the squeak and preventing new squeaks from forming.





1. We inspect your floor for problem areas

On our initial in home visit, we’ll locate and talk about problem areas and potential solutions. We’ll provide you with a custom quote so there are no surprises.

3. We inspect your floor for problem areas

The holes are strategically placed within the seams or joints of your flooring. They’re so tiny, you won’t even notice them when we’re finished!


5. We repair & stabilize the structure of your floor

Bye Bye squeaks! Hello silent floors!


2. We work only in identified areas

We cause as little disturbance as possible to your home. You often don’t even need to move your furniture!

4. We apply our specially developed adhesive

We’ve invented a special adhesive product that we inject into the tiny holes. 

6. We clean up and leave you with a warranty

Once we’ve finished, it’s like the squeaks were never there, and we reassure you of this with our warranty!


Finally, you will get to enjoy a squeak-free home!

Relax. Sleep. Enjoy the quiet moments in your home. We complete the whole process often in just one day!

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