Silencing Squeaky Floors without Floor Replacement

This article was featured in Vaughan News and All About Home magazine.

When a man built a house in the old days, he ensured that a few of the floorboards or steps are left to squeak, in order to provide an invisible, built-in alarm system to protect his home against burglars and intruders. Nowadays, there surely is no need for squeaky floor alarm systems, yet only few North Americans can boast about the silence of their floors!

Silent Floor Solutions, a GTA based company, has found the answer to the age old problem of squeaking floors. Silent Floor Soltuions

The company’s co-founder Lev Remennik notes, people living with squeaky floors in their homes often think that nothing can be done to fix  them. The squeak is typically a result of a hurried construction process, variation in moisture levels in the home, loosening fasteners or a myriad of other contributing factors.

Many consider floor replacement to be their only solution. Replacing the entire floor is a hefty  financial obligation, not to mention the mess, disruption of daily routine, noise and most importantly, the lack of guarantee that the squeaks will stop. Fans of DIY projects, consider strengthening the floors with screws or nails, driving them through the beautiful surface of their floors or when possible, from below. While that provides a temporary solution, the squeaks return after a short period of time.  Once the new fasteners begin to loosen, they become a contributing factor to the original squeak. Sometimes resulting in an even louder noise.

The technology developed by Silent Floor Solutions offers a proprietary process, which has already brought quiet  flooring and improved sleep to hundreds of families around the GTA. While the process may look simple at first, the key to success is the accuracy of identifying and localizing the problem areas, the special bonding agent itself, precise application, and most of all the company’s  handson experience!

For Lev, his European education in mechanical engineering and vast experience in structural engineering and automation, enabled him to develop much of the company’s process on his own. In five years of business, Lev has heard “my entire house squeaks!” countless times from his clients, but he knows this to be an incorrect assumption. A house is a lot like a park, he says, similarly to a park where we walk on designated paths, at home, there are invisible yet established routes as well. Starting from the kitchen to the bedroom and out of the front door as an example. These high traffic areas of a home are typically what owners choose to silence first. Localizing the areas of work is budget friendly, and provides a clean and long term solution to your squeaky floors.